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Criminal Quilts Miniature 5. Lace hands on Linen

Image of Criminal Quilts Miniature 5. Lace hands on Linen

Criminal Quilts miniature pieces are made in response to my research into prison mugshots of women from the late 19th and early 20th century. I made quilts about these women as a way of giving comfort and gentleness back into their lives of poverty and prison. This small piece focusses on the hands shown in the photographs with the outline of a pair of hands (traced from one of the photos) made from antique lace appliquéd onto naturally dyed linen with fraying edges. Small stitches and scraps of cloth and buttons embellish the piece.

This piece is 2822cm and mounted on cream board approx 43x31cm. This is sold unframed but there is a frame available for it on request - professionally hand made light wood box frame (add £65 plus additional postage). Signed on the board and dated 2015.