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Gentle Goal Setting Work Book

Image of Gentle Goal Setting Work Book

Self-study workbook in PDF form for you to work at your own pace.

It’s been such a strange and difficult year to be running a creative business / artist practice. Do you need to have a bit of time out to review the good and bad of the year? Would you like to look back and then look forward to set some achievable and meaningful goals for next year?
My way of ending one year and starting the next is to look back over the whole year with a holistic and realistic review and then take a slow and mindful approach to thinking about what I want to do next year. My approach is very gentle but thorough and hopefully should help you work things out in your head and get some clarity about what is most important to you in your work and life.

This workbook will guide you through my review process for quiet, slow reflection on your own practice, wherever you are in the year or business journey. This will take you from reviewing the year to working out some goals about how you want to feel about your business / practice.

In practical terms it's 20 pages looking at reviewing your year / quarter / term or whatever time-frame works for you. The worksheets and reflection prompts cover skills, confidence and resilience, what worked and what didn't, how you approached challenges and what is most important to you right now. We draw things together to create your own criteria for success - you decide what is most important, and then figure out how your values and deeper purpose work with what you do. There's an exercise on defining your values and core purpose too if that's something you haven't delved into before. Then we look at goals and thinking broadly and gently about what might be possible. The final section is about keeping momentum and creating steps towards your goals.

In human terms, this workbook should help you feel more balanced, purposeful and in control of your plans, not having your plans control you. That's my goal for 2021.