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Quilt Blocks

Image of Quilt Blocks

When researching the stories behind some quilts in the Quilt Association museum collection, I found histories of quilts as a commercial enterprise, made to sell and put food on the table. There are also quilts made purely for keeping warm using the limited resources available. There were stories about the homes of the families who made the quilts which made me think of quilted houses and the idea of quilts as protection and security. Quilt Blocks takes this idea further by making building blocks out of pieces of recycled quilt, and referencing the term ‘quilt block’ for a square section of a patchwork.
Wooden block wrapped in dyed vintage quilt, hand stitched to form a cosy cover to the block. Some are patchwork-side out and some are lining side out, dyed with tea and iron to create subtle stains and blotches.
Blocks are £10 each and both designs are available - select in the options on purchase. Size is variable from 13cm-22cm and you will get a random pick unless you comment otherwise when purchasing.